iTCD Student Work

Two Programs to choose from

Starting in Fall 2013, there will be 2 different MIST tracks that you can choose from. The fully online MIST program is presented in conjunction with CSU Online and Extended Ed. This program does not require any face-to-face meetings on the CSUMB campus. This program is ideal if you do not live locally to CSUMB, or are unable to travel there effectively. To learn more about this program, go to the Cal State Online website and fill out the form on the upper right or call 1-800-247-5168 to speak with an online coach. Or contact the Student Service Coordinator Claudia Carter at (831) 582-3789, or at

The MIST blended program is somewhat less expensive and requires that you come in person to the CSUMB campus for 5 weekends (including some Fridays) during your program. See below to find more information on the MIST Blended program.

MIST Blended Program Structure

MIST Blended is a 16-month program that runs over the course of four terms. Contact for more information about the Blended program.  While the majority of MIST Blended coursework is completed online, there are also five on-campus seminars (including some Fridays) - one at the beginning of each term and one at the end of the entire program. These on-campus seminars are typically scheduled over a weekend (including some Fridays), at CSU Monterey Bay.

Online coursework heavily emphasizes teamwork and group projects. Our graduates successfully accomplish this through the use of online collaboration tools. Most of the instruction in the MIST Blended program is delivered through e-learning modules.

MIST Blended Required Courses

Term I
IST 524 Instructional Technology, 4 credits
~Provides an introduction to the field of instructional technology.
IST 522 Instructional Design, 4 credits
~Investigate and apply instructional design models.
IST 501 ST: Graduate Technology Workshop, 2 credits
~Provides individualized workshops and tutoring for technology intensive graduate studies.
IST 511 ST: Graduate Writing Workshop, 2 credits
~Provides individualized workshops and tutoring for writing intensive graduate studies.

Term II
IST 520 Learning Theory, 4 credits
~Introduce learning theory as the foundation for the design and implementation of instruction and training.
IST 526 Interactive Multimedia for Instruction, 4 credits
~Study professional tools for media creation.

Term III
IST 622 Assessment and Evaluation, 4 credits
~Introduce the theoretical framework of assessment as it applies to learner performance, effectiveness of curriculum design and instructional delivery.
IST 626 Advanced Instructional Design, 4 credits
~Work on authentic instructional design projects individually or in groups.

Term IV
IST 699 Graduate Capstone, 4 credits
~A capstone contributes to the discipline by adding to technical/professional knowledge or providing an original application of technical/professional knowledge in the field.

Choose Electives, 4 credits

IST 530  Introduction to Project Management , 2 credits
Covers fundamental project frameworks such as scope, time, cost, quality, human resources, communications, risk, and procurement.

IST 531 Multimedia Tools I: Audio and Video , 2 credits
~Acquire skills and expertise necessary to produce informational audio and videos intended for interactive multimedia projects.

IST 541 Multimedia Tools II: Interactive Media, 2 credits
~Teaches the theory and practice of interactive media through the use of new technologies. 

IST 624 Research Design & Methods, 4 credits
~Survey, analyze and apply qualitative and quantative research methods; study the difference between them. Learn to read, analyze, critique research papers; select appropriate techniques to design research in an educaitonal and training context.

School of Information Technology and Communication Design

The MIST program is part of CSUMB’s School of Information Technology and Communication Design (ITCD). The School of ITCD provides multidisciplinary instruction through innovative undergraduate and graduate programs covering computer science, information systems, communication design, technology management, and instructional technology. ITCD also conducts applied research and development in these fields, which allows students to get hands-on experience while earning their degrees.

California State University, Monterey Bay

Ideally situated between Monterey and the Salinas Valley, CSUMB’s 1,365-acre campus brings together promising students and accomplished faculty from around the globe in the heart of a premiere California destination. For all who enroll, CSUMB provides a unique fusion of powerful learning experiences emerging from applied learning, individualized study, service learning, residential life, rich cultural diversity, global perspectives, sophisticated technologies, accessible location, tuition affordability, and much more.