iTCD Student Work


Your Master of Science in Instructional Science and Technology (MIST) learning experience will be guided by these faculty members from our School of Information Technology and Communication Design:

John Ittelson, Ph.D. - Professor Emeritus

Interactive Multimedia for Instruction

Miguel Lara, Ph. D.

Instructional Design--Multimedia for Instruction

Nancy Lockwood, Ph.D.
Learning Theory--Advanced Instructional Design

Rosalie Strong, Ed.D.
Instructional Design--Learning Theory

Bude Su, Ph.D.
Instructional Technology ~ Assessment and Evaulation

Eric Tao, Ph.D., ITCD Director
Research Methods ~ Information System Management ~ Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Teaching Associates/Lecturers

Troy Challenger, M.A.
Academic Technology ~ Online Instruction ~ Online program support

Jeff McCall, M.S.
Multimedia Tools II

Chris Beem, M.S.
Audio and Video Production

Karen Wisdom, M.A
Learning Theory ~ Writing Support