Your Master of Science in Instructional Science and Technology (MIST) learning experience will be guided by these faculty members from our School of Information Technology and Communication Design:

John Ittelson, Ph.D. - Professor Emeritus

Interactive Multimedia for Instruction

Miguel Lara, Ph. D.

Instructional Design--Multimedia for Instruction

Nancy Lockwood, Ph.D.
Learning Theory--Advanced Instructional Design

Rosalie Strong, Ed.D.
Instructional Design--Learning Theory

Bude Su, Ph.D.
Instructional Technology ~ Assessment and Evaulation

Eric Tao, Ph.D., ITCD Director
Research Methods ~ Information System Management ~ Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Teaching Associates/Lecturers

Troy Challenger, M.A.
Academic Technology ~ Online Instruction ~ Online program support

Jeff McCall, M.S.
Multimedia Tools II

Chris Beem, M.S.
Audio and Video Production

Karen Wisdom, M.A
Learning Theory ~ Writing Support